Lifecycle USA, Inc. is dedicated to contributing to the revitalization of America by working with like minded companies and individuals for a more efficient and economical  industry model of electronics disposition. Our success nationally will help create long term jobs, infrastructure and revenue domestically by focusing on manufacturers, retailers and corporate users and better utilizing material, people and geographic resources.


The Lifecycle Solution is comprised of a team of experts who  specialize in end of life destruction, repurposing and resale of electronic devices, having a combined 90 years of experience.
In service to clients including Fortune 500 partners, our executives’ have managed 550 million pounds of waste being diverted from landfills for repurposing and recycling over a span of 35 years.
Our mission is to assist consumers, communities, producers, retailers and government in recycling efforts to be compliant and divert as much hazardous material as possible from landfills and water streams.
We offer a fully integrated and closed loop program, which makes an end of life product as convenient to recycle as purchasing a new product at retail, linking consumer education to end of life destruction. 
Lifecycle is not a special interest group.  We focus on assisting our clients in all aspects of EPR related matters to recycle and maintain compliance in the most responsible manner. 



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